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Business Directory

On the left under "Ulster County Website Directory" and listed alphabetically, are websites of Ulster County Businesses. We list them for free. If you are not listed here and your business is in Ulster County, email us your business name and website and we will gladly add it.

For only $25 for a full year we will add a live link to your website, plus for only $10 more, a 2 line description, both for $35.00 for the year...

  • Web Address: Many business web addresses do not correspond to their business name. This makes it difficult for their customers, or potential customers to find them on the web. If you are one of these businesses you will want a live link to your website.
  • Fact: More people are pre-shopping (locally on the internet) before they even visit a store or use a service. They use the internet to narrow their choices to who they will physically visit and where they will buy.
  • Advertising: We advertise our website so people will find us, and if they find us, they will find you.
  • Site Traffic: Along with other variables, the more quality links there are to your website from other sites, the higher your rankings in search engines and the easier it is for people to find your business.
  • W3C Compliant: We have taken the care to create an interoperable Web page according to W3C standards. We display the W3C logo on the bottom left of each compliant page.

Website Categories

On this page will be website categories for you to find: Restaurants; Plumbers; Electricians; An Assortment of Stores; Car Repair Shops; Child Care Facilities; etc. We will be updating this page as we develop it. To be listed under a category (example: Restaurant) with a link to your website, contact us. Cost: $35 for the year.

Banner Ads

We sell banner advertising on the left on each page.

  • Home Page: 175x75 pixels. $15 month. The entrance page of this site.
  • Major Link Pages: 175x75 pixels. $12 month. These page links are across the top of this site.
  • Ulster Websites & Website Category Pages: 175x75 pixels. $10 month. These page links are on the left.
  • Other Pages: 175x75 pixels. $8 month. All other pages on this website.
  • Discounts: You can pay monthly or, you get a discount by pre-paying for the year, you pay for 10 months and get the other 2 months for free.


This is where our readers can go for Things to Do, Events and Government links in Ulster County. Please submit any links you would like to see here.